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Welcome to my web site!

I have decided to Help out Communities with a new way to do Fundraisers! This is a Concerted effort to take the Next 10 years and use the Skills that I have to help out and produce a "Fun way to Fundraise"!

My Company is at the leading Edge of a new way to Help Non Profit Groups Successfully fill there Coffers, and have Fun doing it!

We are at "The Front Edge of the Pendulum" Pulling Hard to Help Non Profits Get Back to Profitability!!!

We are the Recesssion Enders!

Here are The 5 Quick Reasons for Contacting us!

1)Years of Experience, with Excellant Service!
2)Successful Proven Strategies!
3)Conveniance of working with Professionals!
4)Our Clients like us, and we will make "YOU" Look Great!
5)Good Old fashioned Honesty!

(This site represents, Cris Larsen, The Great Cris, See Pat Productions and Team See Pat Productions Staff! We also have a Link to the "Rock Fish Group" and my team there!)

I hope you take your time and spend a few minutes looking through this site...and I look Forward to "Playing Well With Others!"

Cris Larsen
We wanted to thank you for making the live auction of the Peninsula Community Health Services fundraiser so completely and utterly enjoyable!

The combination of raising money for a cause and providing side-splitting humor for the audience was a win for all! In addition to being flat out hysterical, you did a wonderful job of entertaining the participants while gently moving the bids higher and higher. We were impressed with how well you read the audience while never losing sight of the auction's cause. You neither humiliated nor pressured anyone while you weaved the audience into your improv routine. We continue to chuckle about many of the silly things you said, the sounds you made, the jokes you told, and your stage presence. By the way, did the KRUMPFELKE cake (or whatever it's called) ever make it out of your pocket? The price of admission was paid back ten times with laughter and merry making thanks to you. Thank you for a wonderful evening and for support such a great cause.

Thanks again, and until next time...
Joe and Amy Roszak
Poulsbo, WA